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Sustainable Packaging,

With cutting-edge assessment & design capabilities and virtually unlimited manufacturing capacity, Cirkla is your solution for sustainable packaging.

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Cirkla helps responsible brands meet their sustainable packaging goals.

Whatever your goals are,
Cirkla will help you get there.

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Plastic Reduction
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Plastic Neutral
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PCR Material
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Single-use Plastic

Our Approach

We partner with brands in their end-to-end journey from portfolio assessment to product delivery

Portfolio Assessment

Deep dive into your entire packaging portfolio to assess using LCAs, quantify sustainability claims, and build action plans

Build Solutions

Design & Prototype samples in days instead of months for initial technical feasibility and consumer trials

Manufacturing& Delivery

Manufacture at scale at BRC, ISO, Sedex certified factories; global warehousing & fulfillment centers for door delivery

Our Latest
Success Story

Traya engaged Cirkla to assess their packaging portfolio and help them achieve their sustainability goals. The result is a clear action plan that leads Traya on a phased transition away from virgin plastic, first through the use of post-consumer recycled plastic and then by eliminating plastic entirely.

148K Kgs of plastic avoided by 2024

425K Kgs of CO2 emissions avoided by 2024

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Technologies We Work With

With our global network of owned and partner manufacturing plants, we can have custom packaging built to your specification with industry-best lead times.


Molded Fiber

Plant-based fiber solutions that are Home compostable, made from agricultural waste and other sourced biomass; applicable to a large range of verticals - food service, CPG, healthcare, electronics.

Recycled Plastic

Recycled plastics such as rHDPE & rPP help reduce the consumption of virgin plastics. Large supply base in Asia keeps your costs in check, while helping you reduce your virgin plastic footprint.

Compostable Films 

Compostable single-ply films and multi-ply laminates for customized packaging applications for the food and fashion industries


Recyclable and FSC certified boxes and inserts for verticals such as electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fashion. 

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