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Quantify your sustainability claims

~80% of people say they think about sustainability in their day-to-day purchases

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Cirkla helps responsible brands
quantify their packaging sustainability claims

Our Approach

We partner with brands in their end-to-end journey from portfolio assessment to product delivery


Measure a holistic environmental footprint of your products over its entire life cycle from a robust LCA framework.
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Make informed decisions on new product/process/supply-chain development from sustainability standpoint or changes to your existing products.
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Bring confidence to your sustainability communication with transparent, reliable and complete information on your products.

Our Latest Research

Overall, recycled plastic packaging is a sustainable option that can help to reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution.
By choosing recycled plastic packaging, consumers can help to conserve energy, reduce pollution, and create jobs.

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Packaging environmental claims are not limited to carbon emissions

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Plastic waste
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Primary energy demand
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Carbon emission

Cirkla's evaluation extends to a broad range of environmental metrics

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Particulate matter
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Blue water consumption
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