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Molded Fiber Solutions 

Cost-competitive, sustainable alternatives to plastic and polystyrene.


Cirkla is a global leader in developing & manufacturing molded fiber solutions.

Molded fiber is a recyclable & home compostable alternative to rigid plastic. 

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Plant-based fiber solutions

Recyclable, home compostable products made from plant fibers such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo and wood pulp

Recyclable & compostable

Plant-based solutions designed to be recyclable & compostable, eliminating harmful & toxic forever chemicals
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Oven-safe and microwaveable

Microwave-safe and oven-safe for greater product versatility and functionality

Water, oil, vapor & oxygen barriers

Wide range of solutions for delivering the barrier requirements for extended shelf-life applications

Cirkla's Molded Fiber Solutions

Plant-based solutions that help brands stand apart, at a price point that is comparable to plastic solutions!


Frozen Food Packaging Solutions 

Cirkla's advanced molded fiber technology comes with moisture and oil barrier properties that extends the life of frozen food, and is safe to use in the freezer, microwave and even the oven!

Nutrition & CPG Scoops

Cirkla's revolutionary plant-based fiber scoops are strong, washable, free of any harmful chemicals, perfect for even the most sensitive of use cases such as baby food powders.

Meat Packaging Solutions

Cirkla's advanced molded fiber trays are MAP & VSP-compatible, rigid, and can withstand multiple freeze & thaw cycles

Dairy & Condiment Pot Solutions

Cirkla's technology delivers dairy and condiment pot solutions with extended shelf-life and OVTR, WVTR barriers to protect the food 

Our Latest
Success Story

Cirkla partnered with a top CPG brand to commercially launch a global-first Molded Fiber scoop for detergents. 

100% Recyclable, Home Compostable, Multi-use, Washable - performs like plastic, without any plastic! 

36,000 Kgs of plastic avoided/year

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