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Recycled Plastic Solutions 

Switch to recycled plastic packaging; reduce your virgin plastic footprint without compromising on quality.


Cirkla is a leading supplier of Recycled Plastic packaging solutions.

Recycled Plastics such as rHDPE and rPET have 40%+ lesser environmental
impact than virgin plastic

PCR Grade 
Post Consumer Recycled Plastics and not Industrially Recycled to ensure true circularity
Meeting the highest standards of verified recycled content to ensure responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in production.
Food Grade
Adhering to global standard food-grade certifications such as FDA 
Natural / Transparent
Natural color polymer enables the final products to have any color using the right masterbatch 

Cirkla's Recycled Polymer Solutions

Enabling virgin plastic reduction across a variety of industries such as Food, FMCG, Pharma, Paints, Oil, Electronics, Automotive and Chemicals  


rHDPE Solutions

For bottles, containers, toys, caps, jars, cans, etc. 

rPP Solutions

For buckets, bowls, crates, toys, drums, cases, caps, etc. 

rPET Solutions 

For bottles, trays, jars, clamshells, cups, inserts, etc. 

rLLDP Solutions

For bags, films, industrial liners, shrink-wraps, etc

Our Latest
Success Story

Traya engaged Cirkla to assess their packaging portfolio and help them achieve their sustainability goals. The result is a clear action plan that leads Traya on a phased transition away from virgin plastic, first through the use of post-consumer recycled plastic and then by eliminating plastic entirely.

148K Kgs of plastic avoided by 2024

425K Kgs of CO2 emissions avoided by 2024

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