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Molded fiber scoops

Molded Fiber Scoops that are plastic-free! Made from compostable agricultural waste, Cirkla's scoops are a sustainable alternative to plastic scoops. 

Product attributes



Home Compostable

MCPD, Phthalates, TOF-free

Plant-based Fiber




Use Cases

Molded Fiber Scoops are a viable substitute for plastic scoops across various categories

Infant formula

Nutrition and protein powders


Functional Tests

Our scoops go through rigorous tests to ensure that they durable, efficient and ergonomic. 

Scooping test

To ensure that the scoops can withstand 150-200 scooping cycles

Bend Test

To ensure that the scoop handles are strong and durable

Top-load test

To ensure that the scoops have adequate top-load strength

Why Go Cirkla?

Cirkla is a tech-enabled platform for quantifying, designing and sourcing sustainable packaging, enabling brands to reduce their plastic footprint.

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